Thursday, May 1, 2008

Back in Town

It was so good to walk in the door late last night and see four people who couldn't wait to put their arms around me. The feeling was mutual. I had a great flight home from Boca Raton. It was very bumpy going over the Rocky Mountains, but any flight that lands is a good flight in my book. As we were leaving Ft. Lauderdale to my connecting flight in Nashville the Southwest Airlines flight attendant was singing her own version or "Rolling, rolling, rolling down the river..." As she sung, though, there was a man who sung the echo during the refrain. It was Steve McNair, newly retired NFL quarterback. I'm glad that he knows how to have fun. He was very gracious as folks meandered over to him for autographs and pictures in the airport terminal.

The last day of our conference in Boca was incredible. We closed out the evening with a service of worship and the Lord's Supper. Most of the song lyrics were in the native Haitian, Mexican, and Portuguese tongues of the many pastors who were there. I now am looking forward, all the more, to the day when we stand in the presence of our Savior and hear his praises in the voices of all nations--fulfilling God's promise made to a nomad named Abraham more than 4400 years ago today.

I'm swamped today playing catch-up ahead of this weekend. There are lots of things to report, but you'll have to check in on Monday for further updates.

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