Monday, May 19, 2008


I just came in from giving our daughter her first golf lesson. I cut down an old golf club and re- taped the old grip onto the new end. She acted as though I had just handed her a new ping iron. Off to the park we went. I had to help her with a golf grip; she only knows her baseball bat grip to this point. She was hitting the ball well. It was going straight, about 20-25 yards each time she struck it. She asked me to hit a ball so that she could watch how I swing and how I lift the ball into the sky. It was awkward hitting with a club that had just been shortened by 12", but I gave it a shot. It went high all right. It bounced across the road, up onto a house roof, against the second floor wall, back onto the roof of their car in the driveway, and back into the street. Perfect shot! The good news is this: we have new friends now, Elmer and Maria. They were incredibly gracious and said that this golf lesson won't cost us any extra money. From now on we'll be heading to the driving range.

I knocked the glass out of a neighbor's window when I was 11. You'd think I would have learned! At least Hannah will have a funny memory of her dad whacking the golf ball against our neighbor's wall.

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