Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mid-week Update

I just arrived home from a time of celebration over Keith Robinson's arrival to Vegas. He left St. Louis yesterday morning and made it into town tonight. Keith will be joining our pastoral team at CWR as a church planting apprentice. He meets tomorrow with his new employer, as he will be bi-vocational during his first year.

Tomorrow evening marks the first gathering of City-Wide Redeemer Central, our second site in the midtown area of Vegas. We expect that around 20-30 people will come together for this first worship gathering. We can't pray enough for the Lord to protect us from the evil one as the gospel continues to mark through Las Vegas, and certainly not through our efforts alone. We praise Jesus for the opportunity to be working in this portion of his harvest field.

Philip Jr. heads back to the second half of his freshman year tomorrow morning. He did well on his first set of finals last week, in spite of being quite sick most of the week. I'm quite happy for him in his progress. This second semester should be a bit easier for him now that he has learned how to manage his schedule.

The happenings in Haiti has been gut-wrenching for us to behold via TV and email updates. I'm hopeful that in the next day or two aid will begin to flow freely to some of the mid-sized cities outside of PAP that were also devastated by the quake. It was quite a site to see Haitian orphan children deboarding a plane in Philadelphia today where they are being connected with American families who wish to provide them care. May Jesus richly bless those families as they extend their loving reach across cultures within their own homes!

Me and Angie

Me and Angie
December 2010