Friday, May 16, 2008


Yesterday I took off an ear of corn from one of our sweet corn stalks. I have no idea how you tell when corn is ready to be harvested. I should have looked up something in a book, but that would have taken all the adventure out of my afternoon stroll through the garden. The corn was ready, but not fully developed. Only about 10% of the kernels had ballooned to their full size. The rest remained small and clung to the cob. I took a bite. Amazing! Sweet and juicy! Somehow the 90% that didn't grow to maturity didn't matter as I enjoyed a kernel here and one there. What a treat! I planted, Angie and I watered, and God gave an increase. Tomorrow I'll be harvesting some more carrots.

I lost my best strawberry plant earlier in the week. There must have been 8 berries on it when I discovered that the soil all around it was being overtaken by some kind of fungus. It was milky, within the soil, and sponged out onto the surface of the dirt. I have know idea what it was, but the smell was terrible. Rather than risk the spread of this "goo" I took my shovel and excavated the entire area, including the strawberry plant.

Our one pumpkin plant has taken over the entire trellis that we staked in behind it. There have been several flowers, but no pumpkins yet. I think that we needed another pumpkin to provide some pollination. That was unexpected since so many varieties of veggies are self-pollinating.

There are many lessons about life within the borders of our garden. I'm still learning.

Other exciting things related to our gospel work in Las Vegas are just around the corner. I'll fill in some details over the next week or so, Lord willing.

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