Monday, May 26, 2008

Prince Caspian

Tonight Eric and I each took out two oldest children, respectively, to the movies to see Prince Caspian which is based on C.S. Lewis' series, The Chronicles of Narnia. From the perspective of film quality, the movie was well done. The music, camera angles, and use of lighting were all well employed by the director.

The impact of a film like this is different for different people. For me, as one called into the vocational service of the Word, it brought two reactions. First, because the story conjures up so many details of the Story (God's gracious work of redeeming His fallen world and man made in His image), I am moved all the more to an urgent and faithful proclamation of God's salvation in Christ Jesus. I think we (the Church) are too quick to forget that we are a part of something real and wonderful. Secondly, the character of Lucy shows how little faith I really have. She sees what is unseen by her family, but what is there nonetheless. She stirred up my own eyes of faith as I encounter the preserved Word of God again this evening and as I now look with greater certainty to the return of the Lord Jesus. My prayer life won't be hurt either by this reminder of God's delight to work on behalf of those who trust him.

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