Saturday, May 10, 2008

Special Image Bearers

Today several folks from City-Wide Redeemer volunteered to help at the Special Olympics event for southern Nevada. We saw long jumps that measured 3'9". We saw a sprinter run the 100 meter in 12.01 seconds. We saw a man walk the 50 meters in 41 seconds. We saw a seventh grader hurl the shotput more than 5 meters.

We saw people who are marginalized by society compete in track and field events. We saw athletes who actually did a better job of imaging their creator than most "normal" folks. The way that the athletes encouraged each other, while striving with all of their energies to do their best was incredibly refreshing.

One example: During the 4 x 100 meter relay two teams were paired up against each other. Ronald was in lane two. Christina was in lane one. They were each running the second leg for their respective teams. Christina was nervous about the exchange. As her teammate was approaching she began to take off. Ronald could see that his competitor would default if she left that early. He calmly said, "Not yet Christy." He then ensured that she waited until the right time to begin running through the exchange zone. He loved his neighbor as himself. I wish that I could always love my neighbors the way that he does.

I'm thankful that Sam Richardson got us involved this year. I'm hoping to coach an athlete next season. This Saturday I'll attend a practice and see what coaching would be all about. Should be fun. I hope to learn more about being a faithful image bearer of our great God.

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