Thursday, April 3, 2008

Grace Point

Eric and I were able to have lunch with Devin Hudson today. He is the pastor of a rapidly growing congregation known to the citizens of North Las Vegas as Grace Point. Grace is the Point. Devin arrived in Vegas sometime in early 2005 and Grace Point began to meet for worship early in 2006. Over 800 people make up the worshiping Grace Point family each weekend. Hearing their story was a great encouragement to us. Not because we expect that we now know the formula to reaching 800 people by the 2.2 year mark. But because we were able to hear how God has been faithful to Devin and his family. We were able to hear how God is carrying forward His mission to North Las Vegas through this church planting effort. We were able to have our confidence in God bolstered all the more.

Our stories are actually more similar that I would have guessed. Our philosophies of ministry are more similar than I would have guessed. We've both been deeply influenced by some of the same people. With all that said, I am more convinced of my need to be who I am, for City-Wide Redeemer to be who we are because God has a part of his mission that he is going to fulfill in us that looks much different from what he is doing at Grace Point. Both works are his. Both are beautiful. Both are different. That's cool!

It was also good to connect with someone else who knows what we face on a daily basis as church planters. We continue to enjoy rich fellowship with Tim Posey, pastor of Spring Meadows Church in south Las Vegas. Tim is a great resource, mentor, and friend. Now we count it another rich goodness to have friendship with Devin. I'm sure we'll spend more time together since we are both committed to staying right where God has called us for a very long time, Lord willing.

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