Sunday, April 20, 2008

It's the Weekend

Yesterday was the memorial service for David Turner. Eric ministered to his family in a marvelous way. He led the service with tremendous care for Donna, Dave's wife, and other family. He also led the service out of an obvious love for Jesus and a gladness of heart that he was able to see Dave come to faith before his death last week. Dave was a police officer with Metro Las Vegas. There must have been at least 100 uniformed officers there to honor their fallen friend and co-worker. The presenting of the colors, the honors, was quite a moment. All tolled I guess that there were around 220 people who came to show their respect and love.

There was quite a poignant moment at the end of the service. We all went outside with a balloon for a group release. After several moments of watching the massive display of colors float to the north I looked down to see Dave's youngest son still holding his balloon. I hurt deeply for both of his children.

I was encouraged by the number of CWR folks who volunteered to help in Dave's service. People came to help seat guests, pass out balloons, and to provide child care. No children needed care, but it was pretty awesome to see that a faithful worker, Kellie, was there should the need have arisen. It's such a blast to see others serving Christ Jesus. Dave's family was so thankful for their help too.

Today we will receive our second set of members at City-Wide Redeemer. We also begin our discipleship equipping course this afternoon. It is called Equipping the Church (ETC). We're not very original, we just take stuff out of the Bible.

I'm looking forward to worshiping together with the CWR family today. I missed them last week.

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