Saturday, April 12, 2008

Clear Water and White Sand

Angie and I are in Florida this weekend for a long time friend's wedding. I've been praying with this guy for eight years while he has waited for this day. They are getting married on the beach here in Destin, FL. It's going to be pretty special. The sound of waves is an amazing backdrop to the moments we'll witness tomorrow during their wedding ceremony. Her dad is marrying them--that's pretty special too.

Before the rehearsal several of us got a game of ultimate Frisbee going. Playing that on the sand almost killed me. Thankfully I was on Erik's team so we won. You know, they let the bachelor win everything. Tonight we took him out for a few hours. We found a lit golf course so we were able to play nine holes. I did pretty well when you consider the fact that I can still tell people I played this round in the dark.

The highlight of the day was seeing a dolphin in migration about 90 feet from the water's edge in the gulf. They are such wonderful creatures. Seeing one in the wild was a first for Angie and me. We'll be looking out for more pods of dolphins tomorrow.

I will miss being with our friends at City-Wide Redeemer tomorrow. Eric Phillips is at the helm leading worship and will also be preaching. But what's new? He is always at the helm, even when he doesn't know it. What a great partner!

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