Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Back in Town

Last night we arrived back into Phoenix en route to be in Las Vegas by tonight in time to host our weekly community group. At 8:30 last evening we were waiting outside a fast food restaurant while my mother brought our youngest two children to meet us so that we could take them back to Angie's parents' place where our oldest stayed during our trip. Sorry for the long sentence.

Seeing all three of our children again was such a delight. I was most touched by the moment that I had with our youngest boy. He jumped into my arms and I held him. After about five seconds I could feel his little arms patting my back and squeezing with all his four year-old might only to return to little patting and the sweet noises of comfort that escaped from his lungs. That was dear to me.

I'll be able to catch up with Eric tomorrow afternoon. I'm looking forward to that time together. I heard that he preached a great sermon this weekend. I hate that I missed it. I further hate that I forgot to leave the digital recorder with him so that I could hear it and would be able to post it on our web site. That's twice that I've done that now. To those of you who are out of town and would have liked to hear it: I'm sorry that you'll miss it too.

We had a few first time guests last Sunday for worship and a few more at our women's study this morning. Seeing God grow his church and minister to hurting people is almost surreal at times. We don't know what we are doing, but He just keeps on leading the way. Two of the most significant ministries and opportunities for service that God has oppened up this month through the people of City-Wide Redeemer were not on our "one year plan."

I'm beginning to think that church planting assessment should be made up of two questions for potential church planters. 1: Do you believe that God is building His church? 2: Are you willing to get your grubby little hands off of his work and just go where it looks like He's going? It is turning out that our experience of seeing this church plant grow and flourish has more to do with faith and staying out of the way than skill and well made plans. I guess that being an idiot for Christ isn't so bad after all!

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