Friday, March 28, 2008

Shorter, but Straighter

Today I let Eric drag me out onto the golf course for two hours. I needed this because my tendency is to keep working from sunrise to sunset, six days each week. We played with Mr. and Mrs. Swan. They were a lovely couple. Mr. Swan smoked us. He shot 39 on the front nine from the championship tees. Here's the thing. I can out drive him by 50 yards. He is at least 35 years my senior--probably 45 years though. When he holds the flag pin he shakes. Some kind of degenerative disease is slowly taking away his freedom to move about as he wants to. But, again, he smoked us.

I didn't play my best golf, but he still beat me by 9 strokes. The difference was that I hit one fairway to his 7. He hit 5 less puts than me. He didn't have to do anything twice (like hitting past the green only to have to chip back).

What's the moral of this story? The next time you are going to play in a 4-man scramble make sure you call Mr. Swan to be on your team.

This afternoon I'm working on the curriculum for our first new member's class. The focus of the class will be on taking new members to City-Wide Redeemer and giving them the biblical truth, and personal awareness about how God has made them, that are both needed in order to equip them for the ministry that God has prepared for them. We'll be taking our first two classes of new members through this track beginning sometime in late April. It should be fun.

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