Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Who are the People in your Neighborhood (Part II)?

We've been in our new neighborhood for three weeks now. Transition is finally coming to a close. Though we have been working for four months in North Las Vegas it is just now feeling like the constant movement that has described us since May is slowing down. We are thankful for that.

This past Sunday morning at worship we had a few extra visitors from our old neighborhood here in North Las Vegas. We miss regular visits to the park with friends that became so close to us and our children during our stay on Vigilante Court. Hopefully as we get our pace again we will be able to spend a couple of afternoons each month back in our old stomping grounds just two miles down the road.

We are eager to meet our new neighbors here. The cold, wind, and busy schedules have really limited our ability to get outside. With temperatures warming this weekend I expect that many families will be at the park. Outside of the "unplanned" meetings with our neighbors we will begin the process of systematically going to thier doors and introducing ourselves. Hopefully some dinners will follow and we will begin to have significant relationships with those around us.

Our middle child began kindergarten this past week. Wow! I'm not sure who cried more--her or her mother. OK, it was an emotionally charged morning for me too as we dropped our little girl off with a kind looking stranger who hopes to help improve her already impressive reading skills and 23 other children who dawned very curious looks as they beheld their new school-mate. We are thankful that school has gone well for her. She is making friends and has a wonderful teacher. ...Yet another token of God's faithfulness and presence as we serve him in North Las Vegas.

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