Wednesday, February 27, 2008

We've Been Extended

In church planting so many things are out of our control. Yes, I know, in all of life so many things are out of our control. But the difference in most of life's situations I can trick myself into thinking that I'm in control. Here there is no tricking.

When it comes to finding a place to meet on Sunday mornings for worship this is just one of the many areas where we feel this tremendous sense of not having any control. With no building, no authority over how any building gets used, no reason that any building owner or manager should care about our needs, and hardly any buildings in this area to begin with, we often ask this question, "I wonder where we will be meeting next month?"

Today we got some great news. We will be saving money on our car insurance. (Insert talking gecko here.) Just kidding. The real news is that the middle school where we currently meet has graciously agreed to extend our use of their facilities through the month of June. Now we get to ask, "I wonder where we will be meeting in five months?"--a much better question.

O yes, God is in control! I keep forgetting that. Today I was reminded.

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