Thursday, February 28, 2008

How He Would Say It

Next weekend we will be receiving our first members to City-Wide Redeemer. It will be a joyous occasion for all, and a big step in the journey of faith for some. Today I had lunch with a man who first exercised faith in Jesus two months ago. During our service of worship he will be sharing some excerpts from his life leading up to his conversion this year. As he told me today what he plans on saying I was taken by the freshness that the grace of God has in his life. Dead, discouraged, desperate, and separated from God, without hope, just 65 days ago. Today, alive, encouraged, at peace, in union with Christ, full of hope.

It was a joy for me to hear him describe God's grace in his own words. He doesn't speak the language of the confession, using economic words tied together with refined explanations. But, he speaks the truth of the confession of our faith and of Scripture. His telling of God's grace explodes with a passion that says, "I can't believe what is happening to me! God is so good!" I believe that when he speaks to visitors that day, who have yet to embrace the gospel, he will be speaking directly to their heart. I know that he'll be speaking to mine.

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