Monday, June 30, 2008


We had a great weekend. Last night my mother-in-law took our oldest son with her for a three week visit to Arizona. They rode the bus together. I'm sure he'll remember this special time for the rest of his life. It was such a blessing to have Angie's mom here for two weeks. I'm thankful that my father-in-law was so gracious about her being away for that long.

Sunday I was preaching from Luke again (Luke 7:1-10). Eric will be picking up where I left off next weekend.

There is much to oversee as we make our transition into Goynes Elementary School next Sunday. Today we visited the campus and checked out the sound system that we'll be using. Everything worked well. I still can't believe how helpful the school staff has been for us as we get settled in. What a great thing!

I met a man today named Steve. He doesn't have an ID because his wallet was stolen from him in Georgia. He is waiting on family in California to send a copy of his birth certificate this week so that he can get a new ID. He says that he has much experience in the construction trades, primarily as a boilermaker. I hope that I can get him connected to someone in the city soon who can help him get some work and a place to stay. I asked him if he had been staying at one of the shelters downtown. He told me that he prefers the sidewalk because at the shelter he doesn't feel safe. What a sorrowful thing--certainly no fault of those manning the shelter. This is the second man I've met in his condition in four days. I wonder if there is a way to provide short term housing for smaller numbers of men in various locations. I need to give that some more thought.

We will be receiving new members again at City-Wide Redeemer in two weekends. That means that Eric and I are visiting with those people and hearing more of their story and their faith. Today we met with a man who encouraged me so greatly. I walk in a privileged position to have these windows of sight into the lives of people so precious to God.

Our new neighbors are moving in next door. They seem like a delightful family. I'm looking forward to getting to know them soon. Our youngest took over some cookies tonight. I love watching the children show kindness in their own ways. I'm also thankful that he took over the ones he hadn't already bitten.

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