Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Whenever we talk to people outside of this geographical region we sometimes alert them to the stats that give further shape to the brokenness that dwells in this city. Because of what "happens in Vegas" Nevada ranks number 1 nationally in suicide, high school drop outs, divorce, and homicide against women. Nevada is also in the top five for categories like rape and teen pregnancy. Sometimes these are only numbers to us.

Today I received a call from a man I've never met. We spoke for a few minutes before he abruptly told me that he was going to kill himself as he hung up on me. Thankfully I was able to reach him by phone (caller ID) shortly thereafter and we spoke three more times throughout the day. The pain in this man's life, both present and past, is evident. I'm hopeful that in time I will be able to see the gospel flourish within him. For now, I hope to be able to refer him to someone who can specifically help him in other areas of his total health. We are planning on speaking again tomorrow.

The numbers are staggering. The realities are even more heart-wrenching. The gospel rolls on.

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