Wednesday, June 4, 2008


This past Sunday afternoon Eric took the baton again as we work with the first two sets of members at City-Wide Redeemer to talk about God's work in the world and our individual roles to play. At Sunday afternoon's session Eric led everyone through a typical spiritual gift inventory. After some great discussion everyone revealed what they perceive to be their top three or four gifts. As we went around the room there was one gift that kept showing up over and over again. It is the gift of faith--being able to trust God with an unusual sense of confidence in Him. Of course! Why wouldn't God put together such an abnormally faith-filled group except that hardly anything else is more needed during the early days of a church plant such as this one. I was, and remain, very encouraged to see yet another way that God's hand is in this work.

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Me and Angie

Me and Angie
December 2010