Monday, June 2, 2008

Good News on my Head

I was able to see the doctor on Friday. He told me that all of my problems were in my head. "Thanks, Dr." The conversation was actually quite funny in retrospect. He asked me to tell him why I was there. I explained as best I could the nature of the aches and pains in my head. He asked a few diagnostic questions such as, "Have you hit your head on anything lately?"

Then he asked me what I do for a living. I told him that I serve as a pastor. He paused.

"Oh, OK. I know what the problem is."


"Yes, you have muscles that extend from your neck almost to the top of your head. When you carry stress in these muscle groups you will feel the kinds of discomfort that you are experiencing. See? It is all in your head."

I left with a relief that brain cancer does not appear to be in the immediate future. (I'm praying for Sen. Kennedy's surgery today.) I also left with a prescription to play at least nine holes of golf each week and to take two or three walks along with a moderate bike ride.

Sunday morning didn't help with my stress relief. I'm typically the first person at the school before set-up begins. When I got there the custodian wasn't there. It was already 1/2 hours past the time he would normally arrive. I started to think of all the alternatives. We could meet for worship at the park down the street. We could get a PA system and have worship in our cars like at the drive through. We could go to Eric's house. Finally at 9:26 the custodian called me back.

"Rob, I have been calling to let you know that the custodian you assigned to be here this morning didn't make it yet."

"Philip, that was supposed to be me. Well, actually it wasn't. They told me that church was over."

"Interesting," I thought, "Church is over and nobody thought to tell the church."

"But the school took our money for June. What does that mean?"

"Philip, I can be there in 20 minutes."

I love this guy. He has always been so helpful for us. His wife is a dear person too.

So there we all were--about 60 of us yesterday--standing out in front of the theatre, ready to barge through the doors like a high school football team runs through the paper banner after half-time.

I need to go take a walk.

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