Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Day Two

Our day of meetings and meals here in Dallas with several folks from around the country is winding down. My feet are killing me. It feels as though somebody tied my ankles together, laid me down, and smacked my heels with a 2 x 4 for a couple of hours. That's probably not fair to say since I haven't actually experienced it. I'll just stick with saying that my feet are killing me.

Today we saw a few pastors who represent church bodies that are supporting our work from Florida and Arizona. It was great to connect with these guys. They were encouraged to hear about what God has been up to in Las Vegas. I could not imagine what it would be like to do this work without the sense of their support at many different levels. This is true of the many individuals from around the country who also support us.

I just looked out my hotel window. We are staying in downtown Dallas. The lights are on in 40% of the offices in the skyscrapers to our east.

I have enjoyed the way that the wind blows through the city streets. It is so refreshing as one walks along.

Yesterday I saw the x that is painted on the road where JFK was shot in the back of the head. I took a moment and tried to imagine what that day must have been like. It must have been a horrible mess for so many who were there along the streets.

We'll be starting a new bible study on the topic of marriage this Friday. It will be hosted by some new friends of ours in North Las Vegas. I'm looking forward to the new relationships that will form as well as the work that God's word will do in hearts. I'll write with an update next week.

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