Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday Debrief

It's about 45 minutes until I fall face first into my pillow. I hope not to move from that position until 6:00 A.M. tomorrow morning. Our kids should be crashing soon too. We spent the afternoon at the home of some great friends from City-Wide Redeemer. Don and Martha threw a great pool party and about half the families from the church showed up. John Cherne cooked. That is always a bonus.

I preached the final of four sermons on the book of Jonah this morning. What a book! I am in awe at the steady path God has taken since the call of Abraham to bless all the nations, and to make His name known throughout the earth (Yes, I know He's been on the move to work out our salvation since before the dawn of time). So often we are drawn to learn from the main character in a given narrative, such as Jonah. And there are many things that are exposed in our hearts as we engage in his story. But I'm a Ninevite and I call God my Father. That is amazing grace.

Our great pumkin is still getting greater. I still need to get a photo and post it.

The search for our new worship facility has not ended, but we might have turned corner number 4 to head down toward the finish line. The location that we've landed on would be very accesible for all already involved in City-Wide Redeemer, and for many of the new friends that we've been inviting to join us. Only the principal of the elementary school needs to sign off on our request, and that will hopefully happen this Saturday. Our capacity for worship will increase from 110 to 275 at this new facility, with pretty much the same amount of rent costs. Rooms for children's ministry will also be better. I'll post a facility update on Thursday.

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