Sunday, January 18, 2009

Super Bowl Party

It's official. The Arizona Cardinals are in the big game. This means that we are going to have a City-Wide Redeemer showdown.

Here's a quote of a text I received from a friend in the church just minutes before the Steeler's victory was official: "Should we have a CWR party before the church splits?"

This is a legitimate concern (not really) because I have been public about my support of the AZ redbirds while Eric, a PA native, has been very outspoken about the Steeler blood that fills his vascular pathways. Beyond the church planters, several families have been long time fans of either one of this year's Super Bowl participants. The church may be split right down the middle.

All these ingredients could make for a very interesting Super Bowl party. I can't think of a scenario where the interest could be higher for us or our friends.

I think that we could see face painting. We will certainly see kids wearing the jerseys of their parents' loyalties. We may even see Eric with no shirt, painted from head to waist in gold and black. Really, anything is possible. I have only this to say: "May the best team win, and may the Steelers be gracious in defeat!"

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Team Stremmel said...

Excellent Post... I'm looking forward to the party... I'll bring the pierogies if you bring the ??? (well, I'm not sure what they eat in Arizona). You should've been here for the Polamalu INT. At first, the kids just stared as Eric, Annette, Laura and I ran around like lunatics (then they either joined in or starting crying)! It's gonna be fun on Feb 1st...

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