Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It’s Wednesday afternoon and I realize that I haven’t posted on my blog for several days. I was able to take off three days last week and feel incredibly refreshed.

I’ll be boarding an airplane here in Salt Lake City about three hours from now and can’t wait to be home again with Angie and our children.

The two days in SLC have been very productive. Mission to North America hosted what they billed as a Western Key Leaders Meeting and invited me to come for the second year running. About twenty guys are invited to come. (Apparently they haven’t yet figured out that I’m not a key leader. If they invite me next year I’ll come again because the food is good and the time listening to other men who actually know what they’re doing couldn't be more profitable.)

Last week’s worship at City-Wide Redeemer was encouraging to me. Not just because of the eight or so visitors, but because the time during the Lord’s Supper ministered to me deeply. As we do from time to time, last Sunday everyone from within the congregation came forward to be served. That was precious to me because many of our families have been out of town for three to four weeks over the Christmas and New Year’s break and we haven’t seen them. Further, there are so many people at worship now that I don’t get even the opportunity to greet everyone. When we celebrate the Lord’s Supper this way I’m still afforded that privilege.

...just got home and am able to finish this post. The kids had a great "Welcome Home!" sign on the garage door. It's so good to be loved.

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