Monday, January 26, 2009

Examining the Pastor

I'll be out of town for all of Tuesday (leaving early and getting back late) for meetings with pastors in California near Burbank. Eric will be orally examined by several colleagues in ministry as to his theological competence and biblical knowledge. He's ready. He's nervous. I'm sure he'll do very well even though this kind of examination is not his thing.

As I've witnessed his competence over the past year of ministry in LV together I've been most impressed with the heart that God has given Eric for others. He's not naturally a people person. He's an introvert who could very comfortably hang out in an office all day reading books and designing ministry strategies on a white-board. But God's calling on Eric's life has made him a people person. He goes after the lost, the hurting, and lonely. His ability to communicate truth with grace is a great gift to the church. His willingness to be stretched and vulnerable makes him a powerful tool in the hands of God's Spirit. I couldn't be more thankful for his partnership in ministry.

I'm confident that the committees examining him tomorrow will see that he's got the brain power to faithfully execute his calling as a pastor. I'm hopeful that they will be able to see the man, the man after God's own heart who wants to be used in some part to bring hope to this great city.

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