Thursday, August 28, 2008

God Draws Near

My dear friend and church planting partner is having a tough week. Eric began the week with a hefty study and review schedule planned ahead of his written ordination exams set to be taken early next week.

On Tuesday morning his phone rang. It was his mother telling him that his father was lying on their bedroom floor unresponsive. Eric called the paramedics immediately. It was a massive stroke. Tom, Eric's father, is still in an ICU here in a Las Vegas hospital. Today, three days later, he is sedated and breathing with the aid of a machine.

Yesterday he became alert for a short time. His bride was at his side and able to enjoy the tender movement of her husband's thumb across the palm of her faithful hands.

Eric's ordination exam study is on hold for this week, but his learning hasn't slowed down. In the midst of this sad week he told me that he is living out the Psalmist's words in a new way. "God draws near to the broken-hearted." My dear brother is experiencing a new level of broken-heartedness, and hence a new sense of the nearness of our loving Lord.

We pray. We wait. He is faithful.

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