Monday, August 4, 2008

Cheeseheads and Bananas

Today at lunch I looked at another photo on the front page of ESPN from Green Bay. There are thousands of people outside Packer Stadium walking around with Brett Farve signs. I like Brett Farve, and look forward to seeing what kind of season he can throw together (pun intended), but as I looked at this photo I had to ask myself this question: Do people in Green Bay work? How is it that on a Monday thousands of grown men and women can put on their Packer jerseys and head out to Lambo field for a makeshift rally in support of their returning hero? I'm thinking that employers must offer sick days, vacation days, and emergency rally days. Crazy!

This morning I was contemplating the wonder of the banana. Besides the great taste and wonderful nutritional value, you have to worship the Creator for doing such a great job of packaging bananas. Imagine if the banana peel was like an orange peel. By the time you got the peel off you'd have baby food in the palm of your hand. Instead, the very protective, thick, peel just rips straight off incrementally, allowing you to enjoy the banana in its original shape while still having a progressively repositioned handle that keeps your hands clean. Bananas are pretty cool.

Yesterday's worship was a great encouragement to my heart. With travel last week I missed celebrating the Lord's Supper. That God-ordained meal is such nourishment to my heart. I'm thankful that Jesus gave that to his followers.

We welcomed several guests again for worship too. I met some really neat folks. I'm looking forward to getting to know them over the next month or two.

Our weekly set up and tear down at the new location is finally going very smoothly. John Cherne does a great job spearheading that effort. The guy can cook and set up like no other. He is a great friend to many of us too.

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