Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Glenn's Walking

It was an amazing feeling to walk beside our new friend, Glenn, as he walked out of the Advanced Prosthetics and Orthotics office in North Las Vegas. What a picture of the kingdom. "Let Your kingdom come, let your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven..."

We are just observers of God's grace here.

On Sunday evening Glenn was going to his rented room from the bus. Four men came up to him, flashed a handgun, and promptly took all of his cash and his cell phone. To add further insult they slapped him on the head and called, "Punk!" to him as they walked off with his few possessions. I hope for their repentance. I am also comforted by the reality that if they choose not to turn away from their evil practices they will one day face the judgment of God who sees all things, even those things that happen on not-so-well lit streets in North Las Vegas.

We are still waiting on God for the $3700 that remains to be paid for Glenn's new prosthesis.
Glenn is going to begin looking for work this week. I hope that the process is quick for him.

Glenn will be baptized this Sunday. I'm looking forward to that. He told me today that he intends to start reading God's word more often. "Why?" I asked. I wanted to ensure that he wasn't simply falling onto some spiritual disciplines as a means of pleasing God, or trying to gain God's favor. It was none of that. "Because of what he has done for me...I want to know as much about him as I can." What an answer!

We'll be receiving a few other families into membership this Sunday at City-Wide Redeemer. This week we've been spending some time with these new folks and have been deeply encouraged at their stories of God's grace in their lives. These people really get the gospel!

Our friend, Laura, is in town from St. Louis. She studied at Covenant Theological Seminary for the three years that I was there, and one more after we left. She is trying to determine if God might be calling her to live and work in Las Vegas. If so, she would get work, get settled, and begin to share her gifts with City-Wide Redeemer. She has so very much to offer and we are hopeful that she will make the move here.

Our oldest is going back to public school next week. He'll be in the eighth grade. He's almost as tall as me--only 3 1/2 inches to go before he catches me.

I've been learning to play the piano in an effort to keep some balance in my life. It has been great fun and very relaxing. I highly recommend it.

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