Wednesday, July 9, 2008

More New Life

This week has brought a few more things to do related to our transition into Goynes Elementary. Last Sunday's worship was a joy to our hearts, and we trust by His Spirit, pleasing to God. It was a luxury to be in such an open space with air conditioning that works. The children's ministry rooms worked well too.

Eric preached on Luke 7:11-17. He highlighted several things that were helpful. He challenged us again to see people the way that God has seen us--as people. Eric said that often for him the person at McDonald's taking his order is just an order-taker, not a person. He fails to see that this person has hopes, dreams, family, fears, and disappointment just like we do. I felt this in my own life yesterday when I was on the phone with the representative from Dell Computers. Jesus looked at the widow and had compassion on her. It was a bit more difficult to look at the man in India through the phone, but I gave it a shot. My heart was changed in an instant and the frustration with his inability to understand what I was asking about faded quickly.

Our set-up crew on Sunday did an incredible job. I'm thankful for the way so many people in this community of Christians love to serve others with smiling hearts. We'll have a few more items to set up this next weekend, but I don't expect any problems. (Actually I always expect problems, but none that God won't work out in his way and his time.)

Yesterday I had the privilege of seeing another one of our new friends here in Vegas come to living faith in Jesus. It was so evident to her husband that God was at work last Sunday in our service of worship and into the week. Last night she told us that for the first time in her life she is now not afraid of dying. I cried coming home from their house at 12:45 this morning. I'm so incredibly humbled at the work of Christ in this city.

Tomorrow I'll be rising with the sun in order to get a quick round of golf in before a morning of study for this weekend. I'm going to be with a friend I haven't seen in two months and I'm really looking forward to the time with him. Hitting golf balls will be great too. I'm glad that the doctor told me to get out on the golf course once or twice a week for a couple of hours in order to fight off the stress that was causing the pain in my head. That's homeopathic medicine at its best.

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