Sunday, July 20, 2008


Today we celebrated our first two baptisms at City-Wide Redeemer. What a day! I was most taken by the courage that it took for a man nearly 60 to come forward for his baptism. He is certainly committed to following Jesus in the years of his life that remain.

We also accepted new members today, three of whom joined upon profession of faith, as opposed to a transfer from another congregation. This is an encouraging signal.

We continue to settle into our new digs at Goynes Elementary. (Side note: the school staff there has been absolutely phenomenal. We could not have found a better group of people with whom to have this kind of relationship for facility rental.) We just about have all of the sound kinks worked out. The spacing for seating is great.

We had several guests today, along with some return guest from last week. That is fun to see. Neat people!

The skies are threatening rain today. Well, maybe threatening is too strong. It is. I'll say that the skies are teasing rain today instead. We still haven't had any rain at our house this year. I'm praying for rain like never before in my life.

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