Thursday, January 24, 2008

I Wish that You Could See for Yourself

Yes, I wish that everyone who has been a part of sending us here to labor could have the benefit of seeing what God is doing in the many lives around us. People are finding hope in Jesus Christ. Folks that are young in the faith are also taking steps each week to the praise of God's glorious grace. Yesterday I was recounting several stories in my head and saying to myself, "I can't believe that we are here getting to see God's Spirit at work this way!"

People in the body of City-Wide Redeemer are beginning to serve each other in many encouraging ways. One example relates to our first wedding in the church family 9 days from now. It is such a joy to see different people offer their gifts and time to make this a very special moment for these newlyweds.

Our service at the local middle school continues to be full of unexpected turns as well. Yesterday as we were finishing up, the head custodian asked me if I knew where to get a Spanish Bible for one of his employees. She has been resistant to the gospel for the ten months that he has known her, but just recently began attending services of worship in a Spanish-speaking Baptist Church near the Strip. It was an encouragement to us that the custodian felt enough at ease with us to ask for this kind of resource. Today she is reading from her own NVI (the approximate Spanish translation of the NIV).

As of late we have been introduced to several people who are suffering pretty severe physical illness. We have found a warm reception with a few and share their gratitude for the new relationships. We are learning much from them. Please remember to pray for a man I'll call Mick and a woman that I'll call Raven. Pray that they will experience such love from the people of City-Wide Redeemer that they might turn in hope to the news of the gospel. Pray for God's Spirit to be at work. I hope to give you an update on them in a few weeks.

Angie's dad continues to recover from his motorcycle accident. He is doing so in the comfort of home. We hope that he will be able to make the trip to Vegas soon.

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