Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Elbow Deep in Juice

Wow! I can't believe that 10 days have past since my last post. We have finally finished unpacking boxes and are beginning to feel as though we are at home in the house we purchased last month.

We have been able to meet five or six families on our new block. The energy needed to invest in these new relationships is returning to our tired bodies. Hopefully we will find warmer temperatures in the weeks ahead so that the community park can become a key rendezvous point for making contacts and carrying on conversations through the weeks.

Two weekends have passed in the new middle school where we now meet for Sunday morning worship. The facility has been wonderful for us, and the school staff members have been more than accommodating of the few requests that we've had.

Tonight I'll be heading over to the middle school with a few others from City-Wide Redeemer for our weekly janitorial fun. The school has invited us to come once each week and help tidy up details that they are unable to address during their regular hours. It is a blast. Last week I got to jump into the recycle bin and retrieve bags and bags of trash that had been mistakenly thrown in. The juice of that day's lunch remains drained down my wrist and onto my clothes. Since I was the one who made the mistake, fixing it myself was only appropriate!

That moment shed new light on the incarnation of our Lord. When he took on flesh and entered into the messiness of this broken planet he was not fixing his own mistake. He was loving me. He was rescuing me from my own rebellion. It's the simple truth of the gospel, that He who knew no sin took on the punishment for sin in order that we might become the righteousness of God, that continually leaves me in awe of such great love.

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