Thursday, December 6, 2007

Unexpectedly off to Phoenix

About two hours ago we received the dreadful news that Angie's dad was hit by a school bus while he rode home from work on this motorcycle. We are all very shaken, but thankful to hear from Angie's mom that he is in stable condition ahead of some needed surgery later tonight after they re-inflate his partially collapsed lung. He has broken ribs, a badly injured nose and a badly broken leg. He is surely hurting.

We've made the rounds to our neighbors to cancel the neighborhood Christmas party open house that was scheduled for tomorrow evening. We have hurriedly packed and we are leaving as soon as I turn off the computer.

You may read this a few days after I am writing this post, but your prayers will still mean much, answered by our all-wise and loving King in his time and according to his gracious will. Please pray that our presence will be an encouragement to the whole family, and that our words will be well-measured with the love of Christ our Savior.

We are hurting and shaken. Our God is bigger than our hurting and shaking. He is our safety.

We'll update you soon. Thanks for you prayers.

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Me and Angie

Me and Angie
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