Sunday, December 16, 2007

Rehearsal Day (for the kids)

Today is the day that the people of City-Wide Redeemer will gather together for worship on the Lord's day. One of the things for which we have prayed is that our children might be glad for what God is doing. For these initial three weeks their house will be wide open to all kinds of people, some of whom they have yet to meet. Their toys have become nursery toys. Their favorite furniture in the living room has been moved out to the garage to make room for this worship gathering. Their beds have been moved to make more room up stairs.

The picture that I've included is evidence of God's gracious work in their hearts. Our two youngest took time yesterday morning to have a rehearsal of sorts. They set out some chairs and went to their stuffed animal closet to do the work of little evangelists. God brought five people to their first service of worship. We were delighted to see how multi-cultural this first service turned out to be! As I write this post we are only two hours away from beginning. Please pray for us today. Pray that God's word will have its way in the hearts of his people!

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