Sunday, December 23, 2007

Good News for All People

Today in our service of worship we took up the text in Luke where an angel of the Lord, and then a multitude of angels appear to some shepherds just outside of Bethlehem. There the Glory of the Lord shone around the angels. Yes, the Glory of the Lord!

As I recline in my soft office chair just hours after preaching this text different realities of life are crowding for attention in my mind. I'm mindful of people I know who are suffering because of physical ailment. I know others who have lost children to the grave in past years right around Christmas and are struggling with grief yet again. I'm thinking about the people who are working downtown just a few miles south of here in strip clubs, catering to the influx of visitors to Vegas during this time of year--all people conflicted about where help can come from, confused about their own value before God, and some struggling to remember that God is making all things right. It is to us, to them, to all people that the good news comes. In the City of David a Savior is born, who is Christ the Lord.

Each day I become more aware of my own need for a Savior, and my heart continually grows with gratitude and relief over the fact that God interrupted my dead-end lifestyle and announced good news. God is with his people; God is making peace with men and women, God is accessible to his people because of the person and work of Jesus. I'll be thinking about the wonder of that truth for an eternity.

I've got some other great news to share, but felt the need to ponder God's good news for today. I'll share the other news tomorrow.

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