Friday, May 1, 2009

Sad News in Vegas

Death is always horrible, but sometimes its ugly and sinister nature is tempered a bit when life is lived out to years beyond 70. This morning as I drove into downtown you could sense, even from the expressway, that the entire town was stunned. Acclaimed entertainer, Danny Gans, dead at age 52. News reports came across the radio waves as local dj's struggled to keep their composure in the midst of reporting the death of their friend. Out of 13 years in Vegas he was voted Las Vegas Entertainer of the Year 11 times. He was a friend to the city. He loved to help the helpless. Graciousness defined his interactions with others. He was known as a follower of Jesus. He was loved by many. Death is always horrible.

Thank God for the Lord Jesus Christ!

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Me and Angie

Me and Angie
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