Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Where have I been?

Wow, I can't believe that my last post was ten days ago. I'm fine. I haven't died. In fact, I've been getting healthier. I started a journey to health with Weight Watchers. Yes, that's what I said.

I like the program because it's all about math. No special meals, just simple math. I can do math, so I understand how to have reasonable expectations.

3500 calories burned equals one pound of weight loss.
Eating 1000 calories less than you burn each day equals two pounds weight loss per week.
Losing two lbs/week from now until mid August equals a healthier me.

It's not been easy. I'm now 9 days in, and have to admit that part of the reason I haven't posted is because I'm keeping myself busy with other activities besides sitting in front of this computer. I'm in rhythm now, though, and will be able to keep you all up to date.

Here's what the numbers look like so far.

Beginning weight on May 18: 222 (Yikes! That's a lot for my knees to handle!)
Weekly weigh-in last Monday: 219 (It's all down hill from here!)
Took a sneak peak this evening: 217 (Wow!)

I'll keep posting every Monday as part of my own accountability. I hope to write more tomorrow about how this experience has opened my up to a whole new area in my life desperately in need of Jesus to overhaul in His grace.

I'm thinking about my hunger pangs now so that's my cue to go to sleep.

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Nick said...

Way to go Glassmaker! I'm really excited about this gospel-for-all-of-life thing. For each of us there's an area which we like to leave dark to the gospel. Thanks for repenting before us, it's catching. When I go into school lunches I ask the students who has vegetables or fruit. The results are abominable. So I try to do my little part to get excited and high five anyone eating anything green.

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