Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Weekend Debrief

I meant to write yesterday, but realized at 8:30 last evening that I would be better off putting together some clothes for an early flight to Salt Lake City this morning. What a beautiful area! The mountains climb right up out of the city and show off their snow-covered beards in every direction. Tomorrow I'm going to take in Temple Square before heading back over to the airport.

I'm here for two days in order to meet with other church planters from the West to talk about how we can better do what we've been called to do. When the host of our meeting welcomed everyone he said that this was a meeting for "church planting network leaders and for influencers." Funny, I'm not a church planting network leader and I have trouble influencing my children to rinse off their plates after dinner. I'm still not sure why I was invited here! It has been good, though, to hear ways that God is working in different cities, especially in this area of Utah. In Las Vegas we share many of the same demographics and other cultural circumstances, so this has been very encouraging.

Now to the weekend. What a weekend! City-Wide Redeemer received its first members, including John, who came to faith just before the New Year. More than one tear was shed as he shared some of the details of how God has been at work in his life.

We'll be hosting an inquirers dinner in a couple of weeks as we prepare to receive what is shaping up to be yet another group of families into membership by late April. God is continually before us.

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