Friday, November 20, 2009

Help is on the Way

Just wrapped up a great three days with Keith Robinson. For three years I lived next door to Keith while studying at Covenant Seminary in St. Louis. He actually lived across the hallway of our on-campus apartment. Over the past two years we've kept in touch on a mostly irregular basis. Last June I asked Keith to consider the crazy idea of coming out to Vegas to live, work, and help us establish another worship site in the city. He visited in July. We began to pray. This week he came again to see exactly what kinds of opportunity for work would be realistic. He was offered two jobs. Keith is moving to Vegas in January.

This represents a huge milestone for us as we have prayed with increased intensity for Jesus to send more workers to the harvest field. Keith brings a different set of gifts to the mix, and a different perspective based on his own ministry experience. So glad he's coming. Can't wait until he's here.

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