Friday, November 20, 2009

Aliante Blue Star Launch Gathering

Aliante Blue Star is the name of our first missional community at CWR. Last night we had our kick-off meeting. I couldn't have hoped for a better evening. Paul Fletcher, our MC leader, did a great job of welcoming people and facilitating an interview with the spouses of deployed military personnel.

The kinds of things that these spouses shared were very insightful, giving great evidence of the real need that exists to minister to these families. Their need is a generally unnoticed one. Whenever we talk about orphans, sex-for-sale workers, or the homeless the need is obvious, but this group of our city's citizens has some very real needs too and I'm looking forward to seeing what opportunities come to serve.

Side note: Some may wonder what the name, "Aliante Blue Star," is all about. Whenever a family member deploys, his family is able to hang a banner, if they wish, that indicates such. The banner includes a large blue star. Since the initial mission of this group of people is to bring the love of Jesus to families suffering difficulty due to deployments, the name makes perfect sense. Don't feel bad if you didn't already know that. I just learned it three days ago myself.

Our next event as an MC will be a family BBQ on December 03 when Paul and the rest of the leadership team will be announcing our service opportunity for December. Can't wait to see how the Lord leads us in this endeavor.

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