Thursday, April 16, 2009

Contemplating Discipleship

I had a great lunch today with a guy I've known here in Vegas for over a year now. He's heard the gospel many times. He's contemplated it even more.

Today he and I were discussing the ramifications of making a whole-hearted commitment to follow Jesus. He knows what Jesus demands of his followers--everything. He said that it's difficult for him to imagine giving up his passion for music. What?

That's not his fault for thinking that way. Somebody told him that.

I'm so glad that came up. He is a great musician, with a passion for writing really good stuff. I shared with him the reality that Jesus wants musicians to follow Him. He wants musicians who will make great music, with lyrics that speak truth and grace. Jesus didn't take the fishermen out of Peter, James, and John. Instead he oriented three fishermen toward people, for the purposes of God.

The example of Eric Liddell's life was a helpful one for him. It was cool for him to know that God used a man so mightily who liked to run.

I think God's got the ropes around the ship of this man's heart and that it will be coming to dock in the bay of God's glory and grace soon. No more tiresome bobbing on the sea of dissatisfaction with all of this world's idols.

I can't wait to see how God employs him in His kingdom.

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