Sunday, September 7, 2008

That's My Boy

I am thankful for the kind of environment that is being shaped in our services of worship. Parents are feeling more and more comfortable with having their children seated with them. No one is shocked or jolted from their concentration when one of them inadvertently makes a loud noise. I like that. I think that it rightly communicates to our children, "Hey, we want you." I hope that it communicates the same to our guests.

Because of the learning needs that 3-6 yr old children have we are providing a children's lesson for them during the time I am preaching. They love the crafts. They cover the same text we do, and are hopefully prepared to talk about what they learned with their parents via our family discussion guide posted each week on the web site.

Today, about half way through my sermon, a little blond haired four yr old came prancing through the seats on his way to the bathroom. He thought that his mother was with him. She wasn't. She was teaching the children's lesson. He noticed that he was alone. He blurted out, "Mom! Where are you?" I wanted to say, "She is teaching the children's lesson. Where else would she be? Why aren't you there?" Instead I had to say, "That's my son. Could someone please help him?" Thankfully, three mothers stood up immediately to help.

When reflecting on that moment I thought about the kinds of interruptions and oddities that must have occurred on days when Jesus was teaching by the Sea of Galilee. I'm sure he saw it all.

I've been tired. I'm hoping to take all of Tuesday and Wednesday off for some R & R with my bride and children.

Eric's father is still in critical condition at the hospital. That is very sad. Today Eric said that there was some response, however, but very little. Tomorrow Eric and his mom will have to make some difficult decisions with the doctor. We continue to pray for them.

This event has rightly distracted Eric from his final ordination studies. I'm so glad to see him loving his folks and delaying his ordination. That says much about a man who is called to care for people under the Great Shepherd. This has not been a typical ordination exam, but this trial has proven much about his calling.

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