Friday, September 12, 2008


I was able to hang out with Glenn for a bit yesterday. I'm still learning more and more about what it is like to be homeless. The local Salvation Army shelter provides a cot for $8/night. While this is not a place where he can settle in with safekeeping for his belongings, it is at least a relatively safe and dry place. The other evening someone stole some of his things while he slept. That stunk.

When Glenn was first fitted with his new leg there was pain that developed almost immediately. He walked, but with the help of his wheelchair, and only in small increments at that. Ten days ago he went in for a follow-up. The doctor was able to make a minor adjustment that made all the difference. Glenn is now 6 or 7 days without his wheelchair and he looks great. He said that the pain is gone.

Yesterday he spent time at a job fair. Hopefully something will open up for him soon. He needs to work. He wants to work. We are trusting God for some work.

Glenn was able to get permission from the shelter for a late entry on Tuesdays. Usually he would have to be checked in by 8:00 p.m. This will allow him to join us for the community group that we host at our home. His contributions to the group will not be small.

I'm exhausted. The week has been full of sorrows. Some dear friends lost their baby this morning. She was 11 or so weeks pregnant. That brings back painful memories for us.

Eric's father was taken off of life support this afternoon. He is still breathing, but his recovery is not expected. Death sucks. The empty grave of Jesus becomes much more real in weeks like this.

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