Wednesday, November 28, 2007

More Local Connections

Much of today was spent being attached at the hip to a Lt. Colonel Chaplain at Nellis Air Force Base, which neighbors us just four miles down the road. We have been looking to discover how we can best minister the gospel as good neighbors to this unique community of men and women who serve in the Armed Forces. Thanks to our gracious host, we were able to gain some insight (the unclassified version, of course) into the kinds of stresses and struggles present in today's military. Additionally, our host made us his guests at Memphis BBQ, a restaurant just outside the main gate. What a bonus!

For some time I have also been praying for a good contact in a gated apartment complex that stands adjacent to our neighborhood. Today we found that two of the chaplain's assistants stationed at Nellis live there. We hope to have a meal with one of them soon. Perhaps God will open a door for us soon to minister to folks in this apartment complex. I'll keep you posted.

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