Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Services of Worship Update

The search continues for a place we can call home on Sunday mornings. I was able to meet with a school administrator this week and it seems as though a door might be opening for us to use the theatre and adjoining rooms at a local middle school. The theatre space seats about 100 with a very good seating arrangement. Once we go through the process of applying with the school district, if approved to use the facility, we are being told by the school administrator that they would allow us use for approximately 8-10 weeks. This isn't very long, but it's a start. It sounds like walking by faith to me. I'll update further when more information is available.

This Sunday we will begin a series of weekly home meetings at a couple of locations across northern Las Vegas. These meetings will serve as a place for prayer over God's word for this mission work, and will also provide the context for sharing our vision, values, and ministry design for City-Wide Redeemer.

I think that I mentioned earlier this month that we are also going to be hosting an investigation Bible study at our home. We are still pulling this together and gathering a few more committed souls.

On another night of the week we will also begin hosting a community group for committed Christians in our neighborhood. Pray that our Lord will lead me in determining the course of our study for the remaining weeks of this calendar year.

Our family remains very encouraged as we move along through each day and discover what the Lord has for us. We are regularly surprised and try to remain faithful with what is put in front of us, even if it wasn't on the radar screen when we woke up. I can't wait to see what happens tomorrow!

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