Thursday, October 18, 2007

Do You Have a Name Yet?

For whatever reason one of the top five questions that we have received over the past three or four months has been, "Do you have a name yet?"

I'm pleased to say that we have chosen a name. From this point forward our mission work in North Las Vegas will be referred to as City-Wide Redeemer. This name captures both the centrality of the Lord Jesus as well as our vision to see a city covered with the presence of God's people.

We continue to meet and speak with as many people and families as we can. So many people we meet are feeling the pressures of a busy schedule, deeply desiring significant relationships with others, and struggling to hold their families together. We have found that many people here are also very skeptical of new people they meet. One could speculate as to the reasons that this is so, but I won't for now. I am finding that usually by the third, fourth, or fifth contact people will begin to open up and speak about things that reveal some level of trust. This isn't always true, but seems to be a general pattern.

Conversations about the gospel are beginning to happen as well. I look forward to one day soon being able to report that Christ has captured yet another soul in North Las Vegas with his love.

We will begin a Bible study in our home very soon (probably in one or two weeks) for those who wish to investigate and understand the claims of Jesus. Three or four families have indicated some level of interest. Pray that we will communicate the truth in love as we invite several dear folks into our home.

Will you pray about a couple of other things today and throughout the week? Will you pray that a building for public worship will become available soon? We are waiting to hear from a few schools in the area. Finding a building in our area is proving to be more difficult than I had imagined it would be. Secondly, please pray that God's Spirit would open the hearts of people in this city as we come in contact with them. It is clear that many people know they are looking for something, but remain unconvinced that Jesus is who they seek.

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