Friday, August 17, 2007

Potpourri of Prayer Requests

Greetings! I'm just dropping in for a moment to share a few needs in the hope that some of you will lift these needs before our Father this week.

My church planting partner, Eric Phillips, has received an offer to stay at a condo here in Las Vegas for several weeks--for FREE. This is tremendous news, but it isn't final yet. The owner of the condo is working out detais and should have final word for Eric and his family soon. Please pray that this opportunity will be a reality for thier family. They have housing in St. Louis throuth Friday, August 24th. Please also pray that our Lord will give them safe travel, especially for their newborn baby boy.

We are on the process of seeking pre-approval for a home mortgage. We have an interview with a lender this week. Please pray that our meeting will go well, and that we will be able to obtain a loan with good terms. We are hoping to close on a home in late November.

This week I'll be taking the last of my written examinations for ordination to the gospel ministry. Please pray that my study will not only be a means to an end, but that I will be all the more encouraged and built up in Christ our Savior. I'll be tested on 2000 years of Church history, the Lord's Supper, and baptism.

Please pray for our oldest son this week who will be taking a placement exam in order to enroll in Nevada's K-12 school. We were excited to learn that he will be able to attend this school tuition free.

We continue to watch in amazement as our Lord gathers together the necessary funds to support this work for the first few years. We are finding that many people are giving sacrificially as they trust God with us in hopes of seeing many Las Vegans submit to the loving Lordship of Jesus. We are so encouraged, and humbled. I'll be providing a more specific update on the finances in a week or so.

Finally, I'll be preaching in Las Vegas this weekend. I'm preaching from Matthew 9:1-8. Pray that God's people will be strengthened through His Word, and that those outside the Kingdom might find repentance and faith as they hear afresh that Jesus has authority on the earth to forgive sinners, to make peace between man and God.

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