Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Dinner's Ready

Here's what those words assume. God has provided food. Yesterday we went to the grocery store, filled up our cart with necessary ingredients, and paid for them. God provided a vehicle for us to drive that food home. When we arrived it all went into a cold refrigerator for safe keeping. This afternoon Angie sliced, diced, boiled, and baked. The dinner table stands ready for our plates, our silverware and our drinks of safe and refreshing water. Of course, for months before God watered the fields, fed the cows, and blew the wind that led to this bounty.

I was just sitting here thinking about all the things I hope to see happen. I was just thinking about the various provisions yet to be realized in order to begin this work in a new city. And into my want came these words: "Dinner's ready." How thankful I am to hear that when I consider all of God's care represented in turkey fold-over and broccoli.

We are praying for our Lord to work out the details of financing for a home purchase in late November or early December. Please pray that things will go favorably with the mortgage company this week and next, and that we will be able to organize our down payment by then. It will be a few days until we get word on our application for prequalification.

I don't know what some of your might be waiting for today, or lacking. I realize that some may be without the meal they hoped for. I hope that when you hear certain words throughout the day you'll be reminded of God's care even as you trust him for what remains to be realized.

I've got to run. My family is waiting for me in the dining room. Dinner's ready.

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