Friday, August 24, 2007

Answered Prayers

Last week I asked many of you to pray for several needs. To those of you who were able to take time in prayer, thank you. Here is an update:

1. Several folks took the opportunity to let me know how God's word impacted them through the preaching this last Sunday at Spring Meadows Church here in Las Vegas. I continue to be amazed at God's pleasure to use us as mouthpieces of his grace. Indeed he has stored the treasure of the gospel in clay pots!

2. Eric and Annette Phillips will be making the journey to Las Vegas today. The details for their long-term stay at a condo here are still being worked out, but they have received accommodations for the next 10 days while the kinks are ironed out. We rejoiced to learn that a friend of the ministry paid for their airline tickets as well! Thanks be to God! Angie will be flying to St. Louis early this morning in order to accompany Annette and their four children back to Las Vegas. Please pray for safety, and that Angie will be able to make her connecting flights without any problem. Pray also for safety as Eric drives their van and a few remaining belongings across the country. He hopes to arrive in Vegas by Saturday night.

3. My meeting with the mortgage lender went well this week. It seems as though we will be able to get qualified for a mortgage later this week, and should be able to close on a home in late November or early December. Please pray this week that we will find a home to rent for the next three months.

4. Our oldest was able to complete his placement exams for the K-12 public school here in Las Vegas. Everything went well, and he should begin on-line classes this Monday. I'm sure that we will have more requests for prayer in this area as we begin to see exactly how the on-line classes, course work, and group activities will flow.

5. Today I was able to complete the last of my written exams for ordination. Thank you for your prayers for that too. My heart was warmed as I considered the Lord's Supper in my study and thought afresh about the reality that Jesus, being truly God, but also truly man, laid down his life and took upon himself such a cruel death, and the wrath of God, that I might be seen as righteous before my God. I deserve that death. Thanks be to God for Christ our Passover Lamb!

6. We continue to be encouraged by the process of raising funds in order to begin this ministry work. Please continue to pray with us that God will put it upon the hearts of his people to meet every need. Again, as promised last week, I'll be updating with specifics related to our fundraising in a couple of days.

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