Monday, June 4, 2007

There were pink ones and blue ones and green...

Some of you remember the song "Little Boxes." This week we were able to finish with our little moving boxes, at least for a few months. It is a great exercise to carry your "stuff" down a ramp and into a storage facility. It is in reading those labels and picking up your "stuff" that you begin to realize what kinds of things matter to you--or at least what kinds of things you have thought mattered while you accumulated them over the years. There is something to think about there.

Our ABF trailer arrived in North Las Vegas more than a week ago and sat in the terminal until I could get up there to unload the 26' beast into two 10' x 15' storage units (one for the Phillip's things and the other for our earthly treasures) My father, Carl, offered to come and help--and I'm so glad that he did. When I pulled out of Phoenix last Wednesday morning toward Las Vegas I did not know of anybody who had confirmed their ability to help. But, God had already prepared in advance good works for four of his children to walk in that afternoon at the Storage West Self Storage on Craig Rd. in Las Vegas. An elder from Spring Meadows (PCA) phoned me in the morning to say that he would be able to help by 4:00 p.m. He help was tremendous. At 6:30 that evening my cell rang because another dear woman from Spring Meadows was calling to offer her service along with her two teenage boys. Wow! We needed them at exactly that time. Looking back on God's care for us that day I am reminded again of John 15. Apart from him I can not even unload a moving trailer.

We are adjusting to the climate now, and the children love swimming everyday. I've got to take our van in for service tomorrow. Please pray that they are able to make repairs quickly, and that they are covered by the warranty.

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Stephen Leung said...

Phil, glad to hear that you had help unloading. Once the truck leaves the parking lot, you don't know what will happen. The Conner's truck tipped over at one point... long story, and I don't have full details. But, they are okay in Denver!

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