Friday, June 29, 2007

New Places, New Faces

Thanks to the many who prayed for us last weekend. It was the first time our youngest two ventured to the great city of Las Vegas. We hoped that it would be a good time for the whole family--and it was. A friend of the ministry provided a wonderful condo equipped with every amenity. Our children loved the island waterfall that was situation in the middle of the swimming pool. On Saturday we gave them a tour of North Las Vegas and stopped by the storage facility where all of their toys are living. We rescued Hello Kitty for our daughter and two of our youngest son's bulldozers and Lego construction vehicles. Dad was their hero once again!

Saturday evening I took my oldest over to the strip. As you can imagine, the many sights and sounds provided the basis for much conversation and mentoring. Our only stop was New York New York Hotel and Casino. I wanted to take him to a great pizza shop inside. Much to my surprise, though, when we parked on top of the garage he became very interested in the ginormous roller coaster that envelopes the hotel. At one point the drop is 144 mind numbing, stomach punctering feet. He said, "Dad, let's ride it...before eating our pizza." So we did. It was quite a thrill and we paid the few dollars to have the picture that was taken mid-ride in order to forever preserve the panicked look on his face. For his sake we'll just keep it in the family, but you can use your imagination.

On Sunday morning we worshiped with the Spring Meadows church family. After I finished preaching pastor Tim Posey led the church family in the Lord's Supper--what a wonderful and rich time of refreshment that was. Of course because we were in a new place with many new faces, our youngest children weren't settled so Angie got to hear the sermon in three parts with two intermissions. Young parents will know exactly what I mean.

Sunday afternoon and evening we spent time with a couple Spring Meadows families who both have many children. Our little ones loved the opportunity to make new friends. They did the same on Monday when we joined another family with their four year-old son at a local community swimming pool. New friends are such a blessing in the midst of such heart ache over missing old ones. Please pray that our Lord will provide many more opportunities like these over the summer.

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