Monday, August 3, 2009

It's Monday Again

I love Monday because (my favorite day next to Sunday) because of all that the week ahead offers. Today I'm still sick, though, so I'm not feeling quite as vigorous as usual.

The scale said "205" this morning. That's up a pound from last week, but still down 17 from the beginning weight. I'm betting I'll be at 203 by next Monday, though. I'm hoping so.

Gospel conversations are breaking out all over the place again. We're seeing cool things happen at the basketball court, with some bands in town, and in the neighborhood. In fact, Eric told me that last week a well-known local band asked him to be their chaplain. Pretty cool.

Some pretty significant things are beginning to fall into place for our next church plant here in town, but many more things still need to happen. I'll be writing more about that soon. In the mean time pray about it if you think about it.

I'm in need of more bed rest, but just wanted to at least post quickly to let everybody know that we're alive.

By the way, house repairs have begun after last week's fire. We got a window replaced and the stucco is half-way repaired. The construction guys have done an amazing job with the stucco repair. I'm very thankful for what they're doing. I'll post some "after" pictures when the repairs are done. That reminds me...tomorrow I get to buy a replacement grill. (Insert manly growls).

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